Consultation and legal representation in matters of healthcare and protection of vulnerable persons


If, as a consequence of your health or loss of autonomy, you have difficulty making your voice heard by your loved ones, caregivers or the health care system, your fundamental rights may be ignored or neglected. I inform you of your rights and responsibilities, as well as those of your loved ones and caregivers. I help you clarify your wishes and communicate them.

If you are a relative or legal representative, I help you better understand your role as regards the person you are caring for. As necessary, I also provide you tools for your interactions with various public or private institutions (banks, health and social services institutions, public trustee of Quebec).


I inform you of the options available to you based on your situation (or that of the person you are representing or helping). I negotiate on your behalf with public or private institutions, and I represent you before the courts if necessary (for example, in the context of an application for authorization of care or the establishment of a legal protection regime).


I offer presentations of approximately ninety minutes on the rights, responsibilities and ethical principles applicable to health care. These presentations are offered to groups of five or more People (subject to current public health sanitary measures) and are addressed to individuals with health problems as well as their loved ones and caregivers. They cannot be used to give legal opinions for particular cases.


A first meeting will be used to:

  • Identify the issues that apply to your situation,
  • Explore solutions to the identified problem;
  • Develop an action plan.

Afterwards, my involvement may be limited or ongoing, depending on the objectives pursued (for example, accompaniment during a meeting with the doctor or with the treating team). A reassessment of the objectives may be carried out as the situation evolves. A engagement letter will be sent out after the first meeting.


Free first telephone consultation (15 minutes). Fixed-rate first meeting, hourly rate thereafter.
Flat-fee packages for training, conferences and information sessions.