Other subjects to consider …

Which treatments can you consent to, or refuse:

  • During discussions with your doctor;
  • In advance (advance medical directives, protection mandate)?

Who will make healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to:

  • If you have signed a protection mandate;
  • If you do not have a protection mandate or if it has not been homologated;
  • If you did not sign advance medical directives;
  • In case of emergency?

What are the considerations that should guide whoever does make these decisions?

Who decides, and on what grounds, a person’s capacity or incapacity to make these decisions?

What rules apply to the healthcare decisions concerning minors?

What are the meaning and the implications of the « goals of care » (or levels of care) that your doctor will ask you to choose in case of hospitalization or transfer into a home care facility?

What is the difference between medical aid in dying, palliative sedation and palliative care?

Is it possible to ask for palliative care outside of designed palliative care facilities?

What can you do if your doctor offers many treatment options but you do not know which one to choose?

What are your values or beliefs, what is important for you?

What can you do if your values or beliefs are different from those of your doctor or your loved ones?

What can you do if you feel incapable of taking care of a loved one in the way they expect, or if the decisions to be taken feel too heavy for you?